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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 12:21 AM

Kylieboton2 by KylieDracani

commissions are currently closed


If you want to value a plushie then send me a note after reading the following specifications:


What I can do:

-Any plush, like ponies, pokemon, dogs, cats and chibi humans (only chibi and specific ones, ask first)


What I won't do:

-OC Ponies, i'll only make ponies that appear in the show and/or well known OCs (like Fluffle Puff or Snowdrop)


How can I ask for a commission?

if you are interested in my work then send me a note with what you want me to do and the country were you are from (this is to add the shipping cost, remember this is a cost apart from the plushies), dont forget to add an image as a reference so I can calculate the exact price .


Payment and Shipping:

-Payment must be done through Paypal (I wont accept any other method)

-Payment must be in american dollars ($US)

-I must recieve full payment before I can start with your commission

-Once your commission is ready, it will take me 2 to 5 days to go to the post office and send your package.



I do not take any responsibility for the plushes after I post them off. Any potential damage in transit is not my responsibility and refunds will not be issued.


Commisions will open:

Date to be confirmed


How much time do you take to create a plushie?

It's hard to answer this one because every plushie is different, but I take aproximatly 1 week to create one (considering that I have to buy the materials, make the mold, test it and once its ready, create the plushie)

Please consider that your plushie wont be finished immediately since i'm just one person, its too much work and a good work deserves time, dedication and love.




I would like you to know that I have a dog in my working place, he has no contact with the materials or anything, but in case you have an allergy to dog fur I would suggest not to make a commission (just to prevent accidents), sorry.


I know I have to send you a note to have an exact price...but dont you have fixed prices for some plushies?

The list of ponies is here:

For any other plushies you will have to send me a note, if you want an accessory then its an extra payment.

thanks for read!

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