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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 12:41 AM
Faq by KylieDracani

-How much for (Insert name here) pony plushie?

Prices depend on individual ponies, please  check here:

or note me and I can give you a specific price


-Can I trade with you?

No, I only do trade with people who I admire or know... so sorry but you can try to send me a note  BUT NO DRAWING FOR A PLUSH 


-Can I give you an advice/ a critic?

If you have something to tell me, please make it in private and in a nice way.


-Can I buy your plushie patterns?

No, and I wont trade it either.


-What are your plushies made of?

High Quality Fleece


-How do you do your eyes on your plushies?

I design all eyes and use a brother Janome 300E embroidery machine, with embird embroidery software.


-Can I draw your OC/s?

Of course!! I love it when people draw my OCs. Please make sure to send me a link when you are done.


-Can I reserve a commission slots or do something to make you choose my pony?

I usually dont reserve commission slots, I choose commissions based on what projects appel to me the most, so the best you can do is be polite, provide the information im asking and be patient.


-Can you make princesses ponies/filly/laying/sitting characters etc?

Yes, I have baby ponies pattern too!  If you want any other kind of plushies just ask me, I create my own molds


-Can you make plushes other than ponies?

Of course! Prices will depend on complexity however.


Can you make bigger plushes ?

Not for pony plushies, I only make them to set sizes. But for any plush other than ponies, you can request, the biggest plushie I might do is 40cm/15.7inches tall


-Can we be friends?

Becoming friends is a natural process, so asking to be my friend won't make it so. Friendship happens over time and can't be requested or forced.


-Do you come from a smoke/pet free home?

I do come from a smoke-free home, but I do have a dog who stays by my side while I work, even though he has no contact with the materials I would suggest not to do a commission if you have any kind of allergies related to dogs, sorry.

Skin by KylieDracani
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July 19, 2014